Attendance Manamagement Solutions

Time Master TM950 Stand-Alone Clock

Totally Flexible

The Time Master TM-950 is designed as a fully automatic Time Recorder, which eliminates time card over-printing!
This Time Recorder suits any business and any employee schedule. It does not matter when employyes clock on or off, there is no more overprinting. This unit is totally flexible!

Main Features:

  • >Large and Clear LCD Display
  • >Two Colours RED/BLACK) printing to highlight Late/Early Attendance.
  • >Heavy-duty 9 pins Dot-Matrix printer with sharp and clear imprint of date or day & time.
  • >Automatic 6 columns printing by barcode reading.
  • >Auto delivery time card withing card slot.
  • >External bell / siren connectoin available.
  • >Desktop or wall mounted .
  • >3 Year Memory protection from data programming with built-in Lithium battery.
  • >Automatically adjust for Daylight Savings time.

    Accessories for this clock also available: Clock Cards / Racks. Click Here for more information