Attendance Manamagement Solutions

Solutions for Industry

Highly Configurable for all Awards and Shift Rules.

AMS currently provides systems to a wide variety of organisations across the Industry sector, these vary from:

  • >Manufacturing
  • >Engineering
  • >Fabrication and Assembly
  • >Mining
  • >Food Production

Why? Because AMS provides cost effective solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements for each client. Our job costing solutions allow tracking of labour to projects combined with our mobile solutions allows for real time management of site project labour costs.
AMS hardware manufactured in Australia is robustly made of steel and not plastic and can withstand the harshest treatment providing long term reliability which is essential in Time and Attendance.
As a manufacturer we are able to custom manufacture the clocks to the particular requirements of each site providing greater flexibility in the solutions we are able to offer. Once the software is purchased there is no further licensing costs saving ongoing costs to your business.

Built for Australians by Australians

Options available:
  • >Job Costing
  • >Biometric (Fingerscan)
  • >Waterproof Enclosures
  • >Software Solutions
  • >Remote Operations