Attendance Manamagement Solutions

Soultions for Flexi-Time

Designed for Austalian Flexi-Work workplaces

Flex-Minder is an Australian designed and made software system for recording flexible working hours. With 30 years experience in flextime, our software has everything you could want from a flextime recording system.

Flex-Minder manages your flextime employees.

FMV6 flextime software package comprises two programs, TimeFlex and Time-Minder Online. Time-Minder Online allows the network of clocking terminals to act in real-time and display information to the employee at the clocking terminals.

FMV6 show employees their name, current flex balance, total for the current flex period, total for today, their status (in or out) and of course the current time and date. This info will be displayed whenever they clock in or out, but can also be displayed via the enquiry slot.

Information at a glance

The TimeFlex software allows all your supervisors to manage their team of employees from their desktop. This includes creating new employees, reviewing reports, making corrections planning leave and much more.

Of course your HR department can review all the teams as well.

    Screenshots of selected screens in Time-Minder v5